In SKN! 10 Fun, Awe-Inspiring Activities

Adventure Air Thrill-Riding Ziplining, Kite-boarding, Windsurfing Zip line over the rainforest or climb up to sit yourself in the cradle of Sofa Rock, once the very cap of a now dormant volcano that you can climb to the very edge of.  Then be guided down 1000 feet to its steaming crater floor.  Get a panoramic view of the lush green rainforest, neighboring islands and historical sites.

St. Kitts Kiteboarding–St. Kitts Kiteboarding school is located in the Frigate Bay Beach area. With over a mile of white sandy beach, it is an ideal beach for riders to have lots of space to set up their kiteboarding gear and get out on the water. We get great trade winds that give us an ideal cross onshore wind direction.

Windsurfing in North Frigate Bay is exceptional and those with a passion for Fly-boarding and Kite-surfing may visit Beach Addiction St. Kitts & Nevis.

Sky Safari St. Kitts–Come out to Wingfield Estate for St Kitts’ most exciting eco-adventure! You’ll ride in a comfortable harness reaching speeds of up to 80 km an hour on our state-of-the-art cable line system as you race atop St. Kitts’ spectacular Rainforest. The system offers 5 cable lines, with the longest ride being over 1350 feet long, 250 feet above the ground.

2.Water Pleasure-Seeking Deep-Sea Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming with Dolphins!  Come and explore the amazing underwater of St. Kitts & Nevis with some of the most exceptional diving and fishing areas for the novice and the veteran diver. Our spectacular wrecks, reefs, walls and caves are just awaiting your discovery. Experienced charters services and excursions are available for those who enjoy doing both water sports through your hotel concierge. All the necessary gear can be rented at any of the dive shops on island.


A listing of popular dive sites with a brief introduction follows below:

Aquarium (Nevis)

More experienced divers; nurse sharks, stingrays, and angelfish

Black Coral Reef

Creole wrasse and snapper, lizardfish, grunt fish

Brimstone Shallow

Mooring depth is approximately 45-50 ft, sliding down a wall to depths well over 100 ft.; pristine corals, both soft and hard; turtles, lobsters, eels, and the occasional reef shark

Coconut Tree Reef

A depth of 40 ft. and plunging to nearly 200 ft.; largest reefs in the area, expanse clear water; abundant marine life

Devil’s Cavern

Grunts, squirrelfish, Black Tiggerish, Atlantic Chub and Snapper; a variety of corals and fans

Friars Bay Reef

Newly certified and beginners; easy reef dive; juvenile angelfish, big lobsters, spotted morays, stingrays

Frigate Bay Reef

Very narrow reef for multi-level diving; turtles, lobsters, and eels

Green Point Reef

Volcanic with few hard corals, mostly of volcanic rock covered with soft corals, tube and Barrel Sponges, large Sea Fans and Black Coral Trees; large angelfish, small grouper, dogtooth snapper, lobsters

Monkey Shoals

Average depth of 50 ft.; lobsters, rays, lizard fish, and nurse sharks

Nags Head

For experienced divers; strong current, while the reef plunges roughly 80 ft., large volcanic boulders covered in fire coral and sponges; eagle rays, turtles, lobsters, and large reef fish

Paradise Reef

Old anchors, barracudas, turtles, lobsters, angelfish, rays and eels

Sandy Point (National Marine Park)

World-class diving, popular mooring site; large coral heads with swim-through canyons sloping to about 90 ft.

The Finger Reef

Schools of Creole Wrasse, Jacks and Mackerel

The Vents

Hot water vent holes; black coral trees and wire coral; lobsters, stingrays and barracuda

The Wreck of River Taw (“20 Best Wrecks in the Caribbean” by Skin Diver Magazine)

Views directly into the hull

Turtle Bar

A maze of volcanic rock reef, shallow depth; schools of fish, turtles

Wreck of the Corinthian (Sunk in 1995)

Night time dives; Totally upright at a depth of 72 ft., largely intact with black coral trees; a broken crane and junker barge lie about 100 ft. away

Wreck of the M.V. Talata (Sunk some 15 yrs ago)

Rests on a reef that is totally upright and facing east across the harbor; schools of squirrelfish and yellow-tail snapper, oversized lobsters and a resident green moray; another wreck, lies 200 ft. away–the locally named “Goat Boat” at a depth of 80 ft.


Dieppe Bay Coastline–A home for a variety of marine life this small palm-lined, black sand beach is protected by a major reef, making it an excellent area for snorkeling.

Conaree Beach–A narrow strip of gray-black sand, that signifies the meeting of the volcanic and coral features of the island, it faces the Atlantic, making it an ideal place for body surfing for locals and visitors, as well as snorkeling along the reef

White House Bay–A rocky reef shelters a sunken tugboat that harbors great schools of multi-colored fish and other marine life, make it ideal for snorkeling. When you’ve seen it all, this is a delightful spot to just float around and take in some Vitamin D.

Additional locations:

* Half Moon Bay–Facing the Atlantic, enjoy some exhilarating bodysurfing

Pump Bay–A shiny black sand beach–a good place for beginners to snorkel

* Turtle Bay–A stretch of white sand beach offering more seclusion to do fine surfing


Dream of swimming amongst some of the smarter creatures on the planet?  You may do just that here! Make your dreams gliding along with these amazing marine mammals come true.


Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts

Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts, Bird Rock Beach Hotel

Tel: (869) 662-3342

Island-Only Attractions & Historical Sites Hopping

Wildlife is one attraction all visitors to the island will appreciate.  With a weekend, week-long or longer stay, Eco- attractions, along with historical sites hopping is of the essence.  Many of the sections of both islands have tradition and culture immersed in its manors, churches, centuries old planter’s homes and long abandoned forts, representing the rich history of the islands and, that too, of the vibrant peoples who then and now call it home.


In SKN, you immediately hear birds–such a rich variety call the islands home, with at least three kinds of humming birds available to photograph!  You may not leave without listening to our chattering, green vervet monkeys and families of mongoose.  And you need not travel far to sight roaming cows, goats, wild donkeys even black-bellied sheep!


Amazing Grace Experience, St. Kitts–Do you know the story behind the well-known song AMAZING GRACE?  Here you come to learn about the author’s, John Newton’s, words and life’s journey from ‘great blasphemer’ to slave trader to an’aid and influencer for the abolishment of slavery. This powerful song has an incredible connection to our beautiful island.

St. Kitts Eco-Park (SKEP) presents attractive panoramic vistas. Visitors see scenic trains travelling nearly while enjoying breathtaking views of the Dutch islands of Eustatius and Saba. The buildings are constructed with GRC (glass-fiber reinforced concrete) material which is three times lighter and five times harder than normal concrete. The design of the two Visitor Centers represent the friendship between St. Kitts – Nevis and Taiwan.

Carib Petroglyphs

Approaching the entrance to the Wingfield Manor Estate view the fascinating Carib Petroglyphs. These drawings show two of the original carvings drawn by the Caribs, perhaps depicting images of their Zemi or Gods.

Other notable ISLAND-ONLY sites…

* Old Road Bay

* Spooner’s Ginnery


Peruse this *listing of only a handful of the many sites available to visit–one may need to plan another trip to see them all!  We certainly look forward to your return to SKN.




Romney Manor  

Owned and managed by successive Earls of Romney over the centuries

Pristine gardens, 400-year old SAMAN tree

St. George’s Anglican Church

A place of worship for the Anglicans from the 1720’s.

Its restoration work since 1989 hurricane damage

Lodge Great House

Built by planter-politician Samuel Crooke in 17th c.

‘Crooke’s Garden’

Berkeley Memorial

Built by Glasgow; stands in center of the “Circus”

The clock (erected in 1883)

Fairview Great House & Botanical Gardens

The sun-warmed volcanic stone bath is original!

Its Historical Room, garden flowers, trees and shrubs

Independence Square

Named ‘Pall Mall Square’– until Independence in 1983!

Its basement (slave quarters before being sold)

St. Kitts Sugar Factory and Compound

Remains a major heritage site, a national treasure

Its location; writings of its vast economic history

*Other notable HISTORICAL SITES…

Grand Scenic Touring / Cruising Auto, BoatRailway, Horseback

Tour the island coast, and then some!  Surely, you haven’t visited us here until you’ve experienced the island-beautiful by auto/taxiboatrail, or via horseback!


Visit significant landmarks and enjoy the beauty of St. Kitts with your own, very friendly taxi drivers specializing in personalized guided tours. These allow for a more personal experience. Our native drivers offer one of the most informative, unique and unforgettable ways of experiencing the diverse and historic island of St. Kitts.


Choose between catamarans, some luxurious and soothing sailboats.

Blue Water Safaris Ltd.–Experience a magical sail aboard one of our catamarans. A day trip or private charter aboard takes you along our scenic coastline into a secluded cove where you’ll marvel at our rich sea life.

Leeward Island Charters–Welcome aboard the 78-foot Spirit of St. Kitts, or her sister ship the 67-foot Eagle, both luxurious catamarans. Share fun with new friends from around the world while for day or evening cruises with sunset sails and beach bonfire dinners.

The 47-foot catamaran, ‘Caona,’ also offers sailing experiences from Nevis. All catamarans are available for private sails to celebrate special occasions including but not limited to weddings and birthdays.

St. Kitts Water Sports–On St. Kitts incredible Cockleshell beach enjoy taking a sailboat for a guided sailing tour on a fleet of Hobie Cats.


St. Kitts Scenic Railway National Tour  offers visitors a journey through time on one of the most beautiful train rides in the world.  Built between 1912 and 1926 to deliver sugarcane from the fields to the sugar mill in the capital city of Basseterre, the railway now provides a fascinating way to see the entire nation from the comfort of luxurious railcars built specifically for touring the island of St. Kitts.


Trinity Inn Stables offers beach & rainforest horseback tours.  Cruise the beautiful Atlantic coastal beaches atop their well-mannered horses. Or take a guided horseback tour of the High Mountain Rain Forest.  Or, choose both!

Mountain Climbing & Hiking

At  3,792 ft., Mt. Liamuiga hails as the highest point in the Lesser Antilles chain.

Climb to the crater of this majestic mountain! In Bellevue Village, you will find the natural wonder of Black Rocks. Hike to these volcanic formations which are a result from the pyroclastic flows of lava when Mt. Liamuiga (formerly known as Mt. Misery) erupted centuries ago.

You may also enjoy hiking for a full or half day at Valley of Giants Rainforest Hike.

Beach Bar Surfing

The Strip on Frigate Bay  has become the undisputed number one casual hot-spot on the island. With incredible food, enjoy the small bar areas and open air atmosphere.

Some of the more popular bars you can find on the strip are: The Inons BarChinchillasVybz Beach Bar, and Mr. X’s Shiggidy Shack, just to name a few.  Each has an earned reputation with its own mix of music, dance, food, drink and beautiful people.  Come and enjoy DJ music on weekends and a live bands. See you on Friday–at 11pm until the wee hours of morning!

    Great Bars off The Strip?

Reggae Beach Bar & Grill:  Enjoy frozen tropical cocktails on the beach; Specializing in freshly caught seafood and Local BBQ dishes with favorites such as whole grilled Lobster, Mahi-Mahi, Conch Chowder, Coconut Shrimp, Ribs. Friday nights is our popular “Lobster Fest” with a bonfire under the stars. Outdoor showers and a changing room and beach volleyball is also available.

ShipWreck (Friars Bay):  Try one of our signature drinks–ask about the very popular “Green Flashes.”  Partake in full-moon parties and fine barbeque cuisines.

Fabulous Deep-Sea Fishing

Catering to fishing, even deep-sea fishing at Monkey Reef–South of Shitten Bay; a reef structure lies approximately three miles offshore, which not only allows for excellent visibility but also increased fish life.

Speedy 4 Charters has been a leader in deep-sea fishing ventures for over 25 years.

Beach Combing




Banana Bay

Very tip of the southeast peninsula

Secluded beach that offers pristine waters, soft sand, swaying coconut trees and uninterrupted peace

Cockleshell Bay

Directly on the Narrows- the channel between both islands

Secluded beach stretched of powder-white sand; offers a spectacular view on Nevis

Sandy Bank Bay

Atlantic white sand beach

A quiet, romantic aura persists

South Friars Bay

Caribbean Sea side

Lively, family-oriented

Turtle Beach (not Turtle Bay!)

Extreme end of the South East Peninsula

Enjoy bathing, water and beach sports and “The Beach House”

Luxury Sporting Yachting, Golfing

Though winds may be historically mild, the allure of the Leeward Islands is as persistent as the passage of time for yachting.  This is where the northeastern Caribbean meets the western Atlantic. Where lush mountains serve as mile markers from every approach. And where St. Kitts keeps its quiet vigil for seafaring visitors from around the world.

The marina at Port Zante welcomes you with beautiful anchorages and puts you right in the middle of the capital of Basseterre, just a few minutes walk from the historic centre of town, the Circus clock, and the Ballahoo Restaurant, home of the St. Kitts Yacht Club.

Close by are all the services you need to make your St. Kitts stop-over or stay one to remember. Near Brimstone Hill is St. Kitts Marine Works, offering haul-out facilities with their 150 ton travel lift, now widened to 35 ft. Boat building services are provided by Fortress marine and Indigo Yachts which also offers chandlery services.

With Purple Turtle Charters, your journey starts with a glass of Champagne as you step aboard “Minerva” our 50′ sailing yacht. Enjoy an array of top shelf spirits and wines, experience our delicious homemade New York Cheese cake or brownies, as well as a variety of hand prepared delights. Of course what Caribbean cruise is not complete without its own signature Rum Punch!

SKN is an emerging golfing destination.  Breathtakingly natural beauty, sunny skies, warm waters, and white, sandy beaches are some features that combine to make golfing here most seductive. Imagine swinging a five iron with a dormant volcano as your backdrop.  Scenery from your golf card includes a rich coat of tropical foliage.  That sound in your ear?  The soft rush of the perpetual surf. This is the sport of golf on St. Kitts. The great game of golf may have been born in Scotland, but with wonderful resorts and championship golf, St. Kitts & Nevis is now your premier golf destination.

Choose these Golf Clubs:

* Royal St. Kitts Golf Club at Frigate Bay

* Irie Fields Golf Club at Kittitian Hill

* Four Seasons Golf Club at Four Seasons Resort Nevis

* Christophe Harbour Golf Club at Christophe Harbour (Under Construction)

City Center Trekking

St. Kitts, the Mother Colony of the West Indies your next great discovery, introduces its city center of downtown Basseterre–Come to ShopPeople Watch, and Stroll.

Shop at delightful mix of small stores and boutiques and manageable malls, including the Pelican Mall, Amory Mall and the TDC Mall, carrying a wide assortment of Kittitian delights and merchandise–locally designed clothing, including popular batik prints, & wonderful art.

People watch as you disembark from whichever port of entry–be it on cruise ships or airports–onto city center’s eclectic streets. School children, men and women hawking their wares and other international visitors–from Europe, America and other Caribbean nations can be found every day of the week in modern and traditional parts of the city.

Stroll along and stop in to visit: Independence Square, The Co-Cathedral, The Old Treasury Building and Georgian House.