The Cabinet Secretariat

About The Cabinet Secretariat

The Cabinet Secretariat is managed by the Cabinet Secretary and exists to support the Cabinet Ministers, Cabinet Secretary, and the chairs of Cabinet committees in ensuring that government business is conducted in an effective and timely manner and that proper collective consideration takes place.

The Cabinet Secretariat’s role is crucial in supporting effective decision making by the Cabinet and ensuring that government policies are effectively implemented. Through the effective and efficient preparation of agendas for Cabinet and committee meetings, the provision of supporting information that the Cabinet Secretary may request and the maintaining of records of the discussions and decisions of the Cabinet, the support of the Cabinet Secretariat allows for government’s overall policy objectives to be communicated to the public and other stakeholders.

Within the Cabinet Secretariat, the Policy and Research Unit operates to ensure that government policies are designed with the best interests of the public in mind. The Policy and Research Unit is responsible for conducting research on a wide range of policy issues and providing accurate and timely information to support decision-making. This research informs policy proposals, policy options, and helps to identify the most effective and efficient ways to achieve policy objectives.

The Policy and Research Unit helps to ensure that decisions are based on full understanding of the issues, and that the Cabinet is accountable for their decisions to the public. This helps build public trust in government and promotes a culture of openness and transparency

Cabinet Secretariat
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