In SKN! Visit Basseterre, St. Kitts’ Capital

Basseterre is inhabited by approximately 16,000 people.

Basseterre is the charming capital city of St. Kitts, a Caribbean island nation that perfectly combines a rich history with white and black sand beaches, lush mountains, warm waters and a pure vacation vibe. The very, walkable capital is filled with interesting shops, beautifully maintained colonial homes, eclectic art galleries and palm-tree lined courtyards, making it a lovely stop on the island.

In the heart of the city is Independence Square, constructed in 1790. Originally used for council meetings and slave auctions, the square is now a symbol of the island’s independence from Britain and enjoys now being a lively gathering place for locals and their families. Parades and parties are held here under the shade of the palm trees, with the surrounding 18th-century Georgian buildings, stunning examples of local architecture, as their backdrop.

Basseterre has a fascinating history.  The story of the capital comes alive at the National Museum, which is housed in the late 19th-century Old Treasury Building.  The museum opened its doors in 2002 and has been expanding ever since. Diverse exhibits focus on the heritage and history of St. Kitts and Nevis, walking visitors through the eras of slavery, sugar production, rebellion and, finally, independence.

Nearby visitors are able to become familiar with St. George’s Anglican Church, Basseterre’s largest religious institution, which was originally built by French Jesuits in honor of the Virgin Mary in 1670.  Other signs of the island’s colonial past are present throughout the city, with the most obvious symbol of British influence being the “Circus”–a roundabout modeled after London’s own Piccadilly Circus. Luxury shops and restaurants offering a host of local and international cuisine surround the circle, which winds around an ostentatious green bronze clock tower.

Port Zante engages visitors disembarking cruise ships.  Situated on the more modern side of the country, visitors are welcome to explore this growing pier and marina that displays impressive stone arches and columns that give way to walkways, gardens, fountains, shops, galleries, casinos and restaurants. This port is definitely one of the best places on the island to enjoy a traditional Caribbean feast.

Our Basseterre, located on the southwestern coast of Saint Kitts Island and faces the Caribbean Sea, is surrounded by tropical paradise–most alluring to snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The clear turquoise waters just off the shore are home to a stunning array of marine life, including vibrant coral colonies, snapper, angelfish, octopi, lobsters, sea turtles and other amazing creatures. Seek out other thrilling water adventures in the capital.  Yachting, catamaran cruises, fishing, windsurfing, kayaking and kiteboarding are easily accessible to visitors. Tours leave from the city’s port daily.