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To ensure efficient and effective managing and reporting of the financial operations of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis, in order to support and foster the achievements of our nation’s goals and objectives with the highest level of proficiency, confidentiality and professionalism with the support of a well trained and highly motivated staff.


In seeking to deliver world class standards of financial management, the Account General’s Department aims to:

Promote improvements in the effectiveness of financial management, financial professionalism and accounting professionalism in Government.
Implement reporting frameworks that build on best practice and deliver efficient and effective integrated reporting mechanisms for Government financial data.
Promote excellent accountability in the use of public funds through setting standards of governance, risk management and internal control.
Implementation of a comprehensive debt management strategy and the integration of the debt operations with budgetary management.
Facilitate the development of a well-trained and competent workforce by providing training opportunities for all staff members.
Develop a reliable integrated financial management and accounting information system to promote the efficient use of information technology.

Core Objectives

Maintaining the central accounts of the Government so as to show the current state of the consolidated fund and the financial condition of the Government.
Receiving and banking, or overseeing the receipt and banking, of public money and overseeing its disbursement.
Preparing the public accounts and any other financial statements or reports required by the Minister of the Financial Secretary.
Maintaining a system for the examination of payments to reasonably ensure that they are made in accordance with this Act or the regulations.
Ensuring that a proper system of accounts is established in every ministry, department and service, and that all money received and paid by the government is brought promptly and properly to account.
Reporting to the Financial Secretary, in writing, any apparent defect in the control of revenue expenditure or cash, or any breach or non-observance of this Act, the regulations or Treasury instructions by a ministry, department or service that may come or be brought to his or her notice.
Evaluating accounting and financial management systems throughout Government.
Exercising supervision over the receipt of revenue and securing it punctual collect expect where those responsibilities are by law assigned to the Comptroller of Customs, the Comptroller of Inland Revenue or other similar public office.